Sales Report Changes – March 2020

From March 2020 Tellwell will be improving our sales reporting timelines, something that many authors have requested.

Currently Tellwell reports on royalties with a 45 day lag, i.e. sales for the month ending January 2020 are reported on March 15th 2020.

As of March 15th 2020 you will start to receive 2 reports, a preliminary and a final sales report.

The preliminary sales report will contain sales figures for Ingramspark and Amazon (our two major channels which includes all Paperback, Hardcover and Kindle ebook sales ) for the previous month (i.e. February for your March 15th report).

The final sales report will contain sales from all channels for 2 months prior (i.e January 2020 for your March 15th report), in other words the same report as what you may have been receiving up till now.

If you do not have Kobo and Smashwords channels in your package, the preliminary and final sales reports should be the same.

How will this affect me?

The major impact with this change is that you will receive sales data for your two major sales channels a whole month sooner than previously.

For royalty payments there is no change, royalties will continue to be paid out 45 days after the end of the quarter, only for sales in the previous quarter.

Author: Alan Hunter

I'm the Lead Developer at Tellwell.

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